How do I use the Wartner Verruca & Wart Removal Pen?

When the Wartner Pen is used for the first time, it is necessary to fully turn the dial on the top of the pen clockwise several times to load the gel into the brush tip until the first drop is visible. Multiple turns might be needed as the gel is stored at the top of the Pen (to avoid leakage prior to first treatment).

Hold the pen vertically with the brush tip facing downwards. Slowly turn/click the dial on the top of the Pen clockwise to dispense the gel.
Allow the gel to flow into the brush tip for 3 to 5 seconds
Carefully apply the dispensed gel only on the wart or verruca (not on healthy skin surrounding it)
Let the gel dry for 10-15 minutes before putting on clothes or shoes.The Wartner Pen formula is very concentrated and only one drop is needed per application. Carefully cover the entire surface of the wart (or verruca) and not the healthy skin surrounding it. Once the treatment is completed, carefully clean the pen with a tissue before storage.

2 ADDITIONAL STEPS FOR VERRUCAS for optimal preparation and after-treatment

PRIOR TO THE TREATMENT First, soak the foot in warm water for 5 minutes and then rub the callous carefully with a file (widely available for purchase) to expose the verruca. Dry it thoroughly so there is no water/moisture between the wart and the Wartner TCA gel. Do not apply the TCA gel when the skin is bleeding or broken. A file not included. STEP 1-4 Same as for removal of warts as above. Once treatment is complete, carefully clean the Wartner Pen with a tissue before storage. AFTER TREATMENT
After applying the TCA gel and let it dry for 10-15 minutes, you could experience some discomfort when pressure or friction occurs on the treated area. You may find it helpful to protect the sensitive area with a comfort plaster which is widely available for purchase. Comfort pads not included.
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